Core Values

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Quality Workmanship. Uncompromising Integrity. Satisfied Customers.

Our motto guides all our decisions, both at the corporate-level and as individuals.

Our Vision
Financially secure and independent, Huckestein Mechanical is a key steward in the communities we serve, and a preeminent participant in the resilience of our region.

Our Purpose
Huckestein designs, builds, services, and maintains non-residential HVAC systems, efficiently moving projects from concept to reality and services from reactive to proactive, optimizing our customers’ investment in and ownership of valuable mechanical assets.

Our Values
Our values align our organization with industry best practices to deliver consistent, repeatable quality competencies.

Integrity matters.
Conduct yourself in the highest ethical manner in all relationships, both inside and outside the company.

Everyone’s job is critical.
Every person has a role on the team. Count on everyone to do their part flawlessly as you would expect them to count on you.

Out-think the competition.
Ask the right questions. Intelligently solve problems. Create an unforgettable experience. Become irreplaceable.

Make each customer an evangelist.
Clarify expectations. Always deliver what you promise. Go above and beyond. Engage at a personal level.

Be accountable.
Deliver on your commitments, be transparent about progress and outcomes, and be equally willing to reap the rewards or pay the consequences of your performance. Don’t make excuses or place blame on others.

Always be kind.
Respect everyone. Be professional with every interaction. Treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Adapt to rapid change.
Continually evaluate your path and proactively correct course.

Begin with the end in mind.
If you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll never get there. Plan your work. Think before you act.

Above all be safe.
Everyone goes home whole and healthy every day.

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