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Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc. is committed to promoting diversity within our supply chain. Our Supplier Diversity Program aims to enlarge our pool for good ideas and high-quality goods and services, while enhancing economic opportunity for those involved.

As a W/DBE Woman Owned Small Business, we have a vested interest in choosing small, small disadvantaged, minority, women-owned, and disadvantaged businesses as suppliers and subcontractors.

To that end, Huckestein supports to the maximum extent practical the utilization of certified M/W/DBEs throughout our business practice. One way we accomplish this is by making a good faith effort to solicit the services of these firms, allowing them the maximum opportunity to participate as subcontractors or suppliers. We are committed to the inclusion of minority, women and disadvantaged businesses as an integral part of our supply cost efforts. The use of M/W/DBEs is a function of our normal purchasing and supply chain management process; no potential supplier will be precluded from consideration based on race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin.

Good faith efforts are made by searching M/W/DBE databases, contacting M/W/DBEs for relevant scopes of work, and requesting quotes for services and/or supplies. Databases regularly searched are www.paucp.com and www.dgs.state.pa.us.

What we look for in suppliers/subcontractors:

We set very high standards of performance for ourselves, and expect the same from our suppliers, in areas such as quality, responsiveness, and service commitments.

Customer Focus

We seek companies that are committed to the same or better customer service goals and objectives.

Cost Savings

We appreciate suppliers who continually look for ways to help us lower our costs through savings in all areas and/or value added services.

Innovative Business Solutions

We work with companies that are dedicated to continuous improvement and delivering more efficient products and services.


We look favorably on companies who take advantage of the use of technology to maintain a competitive edge and add to their responsiveness.

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