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Here are answers to our frequently asked questions.

Do I save money on my time and material rate if I have a maintenance contract?
Yes. Standard discount rates are 2% for a one-year Basic SERVICEPLAN™ contract, 4% for a one-year Advanced, 6% for a multi-year Advanced, 8% for a one-year Total and 10% for a multi-year Total. Other discounts may be negotiated at the time of sale to fit your particular needs.

Do I get a discount if I pay early?
Yes, you get a 2% discount if you pre-pay your service contract a year in advance. Discounts on project payments are negotiated at the time of sale.

Do I get the same service technician all the time?
We assign a primary and secondary technician to every contract. Either of these will perform maintenance every time. For emergencies we assign resources based on the nature and urgency of the situation.

Can I buy a block of time?
Yes, you can purchase blocks of time at our street rate unless otherwise negotiated.

When does the overtime rate start?
Time-and-a-half begins once a technician has worked for 8 consecutive hours, 5 consecutive days and on weekends and holidays for non-scheduled emergency work. Work scheduled for holidays and Sundays is billed at double time.

What are your normal business hours?
7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. for the field technicians. The office has coverage from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Do your technicians have photo IDs?
All employees have photo IDs.

Do your technicians have all their clearances?
All employees have FBI, Pa. State Police, and Child Abuse clearances, which are updated annually.

Do you drug test your employees?
Huckestein has a drug-free workplace policy, and we randomly drug test. For contracts or projects which require current data, we drug test on the customer’s schedule.

Are you insured?
We are fully insured and bonded. Please contact us for a copy of our Certificate of Insurance and Bonding Limit Letter.

What is the response time for an emergency?
4 hours is guaranteed, but if it is a true emergency we can usually have a technician at your site within an hour.

What type of equipment do you service?
We service all types of HVAC and refrigeration equipment including air handling systems, hot/chilled water systems, unitary systems, swimming pool dehumidification systems, split systems, snow melt systems, and others. Our technicians are factory certified for every type of boiler and chiller on the market today.

Do you do plumbing?
We routinely subcontract plumbing, and can manage your plumbing needs if you desire.

Do you do residential HVAC?
We are a commercial contractor only.

Do you have references we can call?
We have more than 250 customers who would be glad to give you a reference.

What’s your EMR rate?
Huckestein is very proud of our safety record. Our Pa. Experience Rating Modification is 0.745, one of the lowest possible for our industry.

How many maintenance contracts do you have?
We have more than 250 maintenance contracts.

How many vans do you have?
Currently we have 20 fully-equipped service vans, each staffed with a highly skilled service technician.

Does every technician drive a van?
No. All service technicians and foremen have a van. Project journeymen do not.

Can you do an energy audit?
In preparation for an Investment Grade Audit (IGA), we can perform a Building Systems Analysis whereby we inspect your equipment to determine its current operating condition and identify impending problems to bring them to your attention before they cause unplanned downtime. We will note all operating deficiencies and provide a detailed report of the requirements to return your equipment to its optimum peak efficiency. Once this is performed, we work with one of our ESCO partners to perform the IGA and identify Energy Conservation Measures to leverage for operational cost savings to fund capital improvements.