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At Huckestein, we’re committed to quality.

Our objective is to safely deliver 100% complete projects that meet all contract and customer expectations.

The quality we bring to your project is as follows:

Expert Leadership

The President forms a team consisting of a Vice President, Project Manager, and Foreman for your project.

Thorough Project Specifications

From the start of your project, the Project Manager creates a set of project specifications that includes customer specifications and requirements, regulations, industry standards, product instructions, and Huckestein quality standards. Huckestein operating policies assure compliance to these project specifications.

Highly Skilled and Trained Team

The Project Manager evaluates personnel, subcontractors and suppliers to ensures that only people capable and qualified are included on the project. Training is provided to ensure that all personnel involved understand your project work task requirements, as well as their quality responsibilities and authorities.

Regular Quality Control

The Project Manager then details how quality is controlled throughout your project with a list of all work task inspections and tests that will be performed.

Frequent Communication

As your project proceeds and prior to starting each work task, the Foreman coordinates detailed quality requirements, resources, and working conditions, and communicates them through a meeting with all necessary parties. The Foreman amends work task inspection checklists with items for heightened awareness based on the concerns of all parties.

Inspection Checklists

The subcontractors and suppliers, Foreman, and Project Manager use inspection checklists to monitor conformance of each work task to the project specifications before, during, and at completion. Should quality non-conformance occur, they are systematically segregated, controlled and corrected. Improvements are documented and made to prevent recurrences.

Top-level Quality Audits

Throughout the project, the Vice President or President performs on-site quality audits to ensure that the Huckestein Quality System is operating effectively.

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