Energy Policy

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Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc. is committed to responsible energy management and to practicing energy efficiency throughout our operations.

We recognize that climate change is emerging as one of the most serious environmental challenges currently threatening the global community. We understand that there is a need to minimize greenhouse gas emissions produced as a result of fossil fuel consumption and we acknowledge that we have a role to play in undertaking these issues.

We are committed to the energy practices below.

• To reduce the amount of energy consumption across our operations

• To promote the use of renewable energy solutions where appropriate

• To encourage subcontractors and suppliers to adopt energy efficient systems of work in their operations

• To ensure that selection of equipment is carried out with due consideration to whole life energy efficiency

• To service and maintain all equipment in an energy efficient manner

• To use energy saving mode on all office equipment and appliances

We will communicate this policy statement to all persons working for and on behalf of Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc., and will make this policy available to any other interested party.