Waste Management

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Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc. is committed to sustainable waste management throughout the company.

We encourage recycling and re-using materials whenever possible in all areas of our business with a goal of reducing the company’s overall consumption and usage of raw materials. When disposal is the only option, we dispose of materials in the most environmentally friendly and responsible option available.

The steps we take to reach this goal are below.

• Develop a plan to dispose of waste and materials for each job site.

• Are conscious about the amount of recycling we do, inform our staff of ways to recycle, and aim to increase our recycling in the office and on job sites.

• Select suppliers who remove packaging as part of their supply contract whenever possible.

• Encourage the purchase of recycled materials and those which are suitable for disposal by recycling.

• Minimize waste by encouraging the exchange and reuse of equipment and materials amongst departments.

We understand that the correct handling, storage and disposal of waste materials is important to ensure compliance with environmental legislation and pollution prevention. We promote cooperation and coordination between our employees, subcontractors and clients toward the shared goal of reducing waste at its source, reusing and recycling waste wherever possible.

We will communicate this policy statement to all persons working for and on behalf of Huckestein Mechanical Services, Inc. and will make this policy available to any other interested party.