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Huckestein designs and installs cogeneration and trigeneration systems to make facilities more energy efficient while reducing operating and energy costs, and ensuring the reliable availability of hot water and electricity.

Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration or CHP) is the production of both electricity and heat from a single fuel source. By using waste heat from onsite electricity production for heating, CHP increases fuel efficiency and decreases energy costs. For increased energy utilization, Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power (trigeneration or CCHP) incorporates a third technology—absorption chilling—to offset energy expenses by utilizing the waste heat for cooling.

Cogeneration or trigeneration may be a good fit if your facility’s monthly electrical expenses are greater than $25,000; you need hot water, chilled water, or steam 24/7 as well as a dependable, scalable power onsite; and/or need to replace a boiler, chiller, or generator.

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