On-Site Service and Maintenance

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Save your facility money over time with our industry-defining SERVICEPLAN™ solution for HVAC maintenance.

Why use the Huckestein SERVICEPLAN™?

We have 300+ satisfied customers.

Our planned maintenance services reduce unscheduled downtime, optimize energy efficiency and extend the life of your HVAC equipment and system.

We focus on your entire HVAC system over time.

Many service providers just look at the equipment. We focus on your equipment and its role within the entire system to drive cost-effective solutions for achieving long-term health for your facility.

Our SERVICEPLAN™ deploys the 3-Ps of Planned Maintenance in an integrated fashion.

PREVENTIVE Maintenance

Time-based maintenance with frequent, scheduled testing and inspection.


  • Longer equipment life
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Protected warranty status

PREDICTIVE Maintenance

Condition-based maintenance for detecting early signs of equipment damage.


  • Minimized downtime
  • Less failures
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less unscheduled maintenance
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Longer equipment life
  • Maximized uptime
  • Better reliability

PROACTIVE Maintenance

Operations-based maintenance to keep your equipment and system performing at top efficiency.


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced water usage
  • Improved building comfort
  • Increased safety
  • Lower overall costs
  • Higher productivity