Building Systems Analysis

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SERVICEPLAN™ Building System Analysis.

Huckestein offers a one-time diagnostic health assessment program for your mechanical systems. Our experts conduct a complete and thorough system review designed to:
• Identify and avoid potential failures that could lead to costly downtime, lost employee productivity, or tenant turnover
• Extend the life of your equipment by discovering issues that prevent your system from operating efficiently
• Detect operating conditions, behaviors, and mechanical deficiencies that, if rectified, could reduce your utility costs by up to 20%

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Corrective Maintenance and Component Replacement Identification

The main objective of Huckestein’s Planned Diagnostic Agreement is to inspect your equipment and determine its current operating condition.

During the inspection, our trained technicians will identify any potential problems and provide advice on how to get your equipment operating at peak efficiency. Component repair labor and material costs will then be provided to you in a separate proposal.

Refrigerant Containment Service

We leak test and report needed repairs on any equipment found to be low of refrigerant, with 100% compliant-driven services. Component repair labor and material costs will be provided to you in a separate proposal.

Service Documentation

We document all scheduled work with the time, date, technician name, equipment identification and service description. This documentation is included in our follow-up recommendations to improve system operation.

Huckestein Verification and Assurance Customer Review (HVACReview) Program

As we implement this Planned Diagnostic Program, we identify system inefficiencies and help you evaluate whether to take corrective action. We also help you establish a long-term plan for performing upgrades aimed at minimizing operating costs and lost productivity.