We don’t just treat the symptoms. We fix the problem.

We ask the right questions | We fix the problem | We’re with you for the long haul | We employ best in class talent | Your data belongs to you
We begin with the end in mind | We keep our promises | Our job is to make your job easier | We save you time and money | Equal Employment Opportunity

At Huckestein our goal is to fix your problem, not simply treat the symptom.

Our technicians and project managers have honed their diagnostic skills over decades of experience on thousands of mechanical systems. They possess technical know-how to service the equipment and, more importantly, the customer familiarity to ask the pertinent questions. This means a visit with a Huckestein technician for a failed motor may include a walk around the supply system or a conversation about operating methods — not a quick sale replacement quote. For while we build upon the experience of the past, we don’t simply reapply cookie-cutter solutions to your specific needs and issues.

Do you have a nagging mechanical problem at your facility that no one has been able to fix?
Let’s Fix It