Whether it’s an energy conservation measure (ECM), a capital improvement project, or a simple rooftop replacement, at Huckestein. At Huckestein, we believe that an integrated approach to designing and constructing projects leads to high quality, cost effective, and timely outcomes. Huckestein’s experienced professional engineer and mechanical designers make certain that we design every detail of the project before we price it. We closely collaborate with the client to pursue a clear and shared objective: the right solution for every customer. Our approach means walking the corridors, climbing in ceilings, crawling through steam tunnels, and many meetings listening and sharing. In short, getting to know our clients’ challenges as well as they do.

Then we begin the design process, frequently going through many iterations before settling on the solution that best serves our clients’ needs. So, by the time we quote, we have a complete understanding of what we’re quoting. Nothing is left to assumptions or chance. We believe that developing a truly accurate scope of work only comes from applying our core value: measure twice and cut once.

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Huckestein’s in-house design, engineering, and installation team assures a seamless process, and a true one-stop-shop for mechanical project accountability. When we commit to installing a project at a set price, we execute that project for that price without asking customers for change orders to cover errors, omissions, or “value added” changes. Our brand promise is that, under no circumstances will there be change orders within the agreed upon scope of work for any Huckestein project.

This no-change order, design-build model allows us to keep our brand promise and deliver enhanced project quality, timely project delivery, and tightly managed, predictable costs. This is a major contrast with typical ways of working in our industry. It’s also an approach that is greatly appreciated by our customers. For us, it’s the way we do business. For our customers, it’s peace of mind delivered through real budget and schedule control.


Since 1978, Huckestein has been partnering with our customers to help them increase the return on their building investments. Through our SERVICEPLAN™ platform, Huckestein provides HVAC service and maintenance to more than 250 institutional, commercial, and government facilities throughout the tri-state area. When mechanical equipment malfunctions, Huckestein is there for you our customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our team of professionals responds to HVAC emergencies within two hours of your call to ensure your facility remains safe and your assets are protected.

For those times When problems occur with your HVAC system, Huckestein will help you evaluate all the facts in deciding whether to repair or replace the system. Either way, our licensed professional service technicians will perform the work when you need it — at a competitive price. Huckestein repairs, replaces and retrofits all HVAC equipment manufacturers and all system sizes. And we stand behind our work. All repair and replacement service is accompanied by a one year parts and labor warranty. This is in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty supplied with the equipment. We stand behind our work.

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The foundation of a comprehensive service program is Planned Maintenance which is preventive, predictive, and proactive. Planned Maintenance is simply the care and servicing required to maintain equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating condition by providing for systemic inspection, detection, and correction of emerging failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects. Many service providers just look at the equipment. Our highly skilled technicians continuously inventory and assess your mechanical systems to identify design inadequacies, operational deviations, repair needs, and equipment longevity issues. Huckestein maintenance contract customers experience up to a 75% reduction in unplanned repairs over those who choose to manage their mechanical systems on a time and material basis.

Planned maintenance is a solid investment in terms of risk mitigation and asset protection. Every $1.00 invested in preventive maintenance returns $4.00 to the investor through the extension of equipment useful life, as demonstrated in a study conducted by Jones Lang LaSalle entitled “Determining the Value of Preventive Maintenance.” Therefore, choosing the right mechanical contracting partner and crafting the right maintenance practice for your facility should be treated as a key business strategy.


Huckestein has a strong history of providing state-of-the-art, real world solutions to the challenges facing today’s businesses in terms of energy optimization, sustainability, and environmental awareness. While green technologies and strategies have recently garnered national attention and funding, the idea of energy savings and recovery is not new. Huckestein has built its reputation on designing and installing HVAC systems and controls using high efficiency equipment and innovative design for air recovery and handling, energy metering, and power monitoring to provide best value. We are the region’s premier design-build contractor for energy performance contracting, working seamlessly with our energy partners to deliver ROI-driven mechanical solutions to help customers reach their efficiency goals.


Huckestein designs, builds, services, and maintains non-residential HVAC systems, efficiently moving projects from concept to reality and services from reactive to proactive, optimizing our customers’ investment in and ownership of valuable mechanical assets. Our values align our organization with industry best practices to deliver consistent, repeatable quality competencies. Our motto – Quality Workmanship. Uncompromising Integrity. Satisfied Customers—guides all our decisions, both at the corporate-level and as individuals.

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All Huckestein preventive maintenance contract clients are connected to our secure Facility Management Gateway. Every time we touch a piece of equipment, whether for maintenance, service, or repair, the work is documented showing the time, date, name of service technician, equipment identification and brief description of work. This documentation is made available and stored in our web portal. Contract customers are trained on and granted secure access to this self-service portal, enabling them to better manage their facilities by having all work history at their fingertips. All information is auto-synced with our database, delivering up-to-date, real-time data, 24/7.

Why Huckestein?

How Huckestein accomplishes the work is as important as the work itself. We deliver our core capabilities via a system developed and refined through 60+ years of helping customers manage costs and optimize operations. From concept to installation, service to decommissioning, Huckestein’s comprehensive system approach ensures the best use of your mechanical equipment, effort, and expense. Our process is thorough and diagnostic, evaluating not only the equipment itself but also the system and environment in which it operates. Our root-cause focus leads to reduced downtime, minimized emergency response costs, and increased technical acumen for both the customer and the technician. Our delivery model instills confidence and delivers optimal, sustained mechanical operations for the facility and end-user.


Our board members like that Huck is a woman owned company but I use them because they are good.

- John (Huckestein Customer for over 10 years)

Huck is the only vendor I turn to for advice.

- Jim (Huckestein Customer for over 20 years)

I wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your team for the hard work they extended to us last Friday. We were faced with hot temperatures in sections of our building and your team stayed late to work through the problem and get our casino cool again. Our associates working and guests visiting that night appreciate all your effort!

President & General Manager
Delaware North at Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack

- Kim Florence

Thank you very much for sending Mike. He was personable and professional. He’s certainly an asset for your company.

- Carolyn Gibson

The longer you have a service contract and buy preventive maintenance, the less you may think you need both of these going forward. But I’ve learned the hard way, we need them as much as ever.

- William (Huckestein Customer for over 10 years)
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